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20. November 2017

Wire-actuated encoder SGH50

Position sensor for hydraulic cylinders with measuring lengths up to 5000 mm

The new SGH50 uses a clever cable mechanism for absolute measurement of hydraulic or telescopic cylinders. The sensor represents the latest generation of the SGH wire-actuated encoder family from SIKO and now makes it possible to measure distances up to 5m. Target applications are agricultural machinery, construction machines, municipal vehicles, forestry machines, piston accumulators and other industrial applications.

A significant extension of measurement length and above-average durability, wide compatibility with various interface protocols, even for applications in which maximum safety is paramount – these are the most important performance features of the SGH50, which is used in particular for telescopic and hydraulic cylinder applications in mobile machines.

New – measurement length up to 5m
With measurement lengths between zero and five meters, the SGH50 has the largest measurement range of the SGH series to date: one of its little brothers, the SGH25, covers measurement lengths in the mid range between zero and 2.5 m, and the other, the SGH10, covers lengths between zero and one meter. The SGH50 can be integrated into hydraulic and telescopic cylinders and has an extremely durable design. A special plastic developed specifically for the purpose, which is characterized by an extension of fluid temperature resistance from 85°C to 105°C, is responsible for this.

100 times the force of gravity? No problem
When it comes to shocks and vibrations, too, the SGH50 sets new standards. It meets the specifications of the most extreme vibration standards, which are also used for testing helicopter turbines, and easily copes with shocks 100 times the force of gravity. Unlike rod-based sensors, its flexible cable completely absorbs vibrations. The hydraulic medium provides additional damping of any vibration.

The SGH50 is designed in particular for the highest requirements of mobile hydraulics. The wire-actuated sensor must meet the prerequisite of an extremely long service life in this context. It has been tested and designed for the service life of a cylinder both electrically and mechanically.

In order to cope with the harsh conditions of the mobile world, all of the sensors integrated into the cylinder are completely protected from external factors. SGH sensors therefore have a protection rating of IP69K and use KV1H plug connections.

Variety of interfaces and safety variants
Analog interfaces, CANopen or SAE J1939 provide the communication between the SGH50 sensor and machine control system. Applications in which maximum functional safety is essential can be supplied with redundant SGH50 versions (CAT3, PLd) in accordance with EN13849. For safety variants, SIKO also offers redundant or analog interfaces, redundant CANopen, redundant SAE J1939 or CANopen-safety.

A good learner!
With the integrated teach-in function, the measurement length of the sensor can be taught individually from zero to 5m. This leads to a significant reduction in the number of variants for OEMs and cylinder manufacturers.

Hollow boring of piston unnecessary
With a maximum measuring range of zero to five meters, the cable-based SGH50 offers significant advantages to cylinder designers as far as manufacturing costs are concerned, as hollow boring of the piston is no longer necessary. Like all models in the SGH series, the SGH50 can also be integrated into telescopic cylinders, which is not usually possible with conventional measurement systems.
Absolute position sensor for hydraulic cylinders, telescopic cylinders, and piston accumulators, based on the tried and tested wire-actuated sensor technology. Durable, reliable, and robust. Developed with the know-how of over 30 years of experience in wire-actuated sensor technology. 

Profile SGH50:

  • Measuring range 0 … 5000 mm (196.85 inches)
  • Absolute measuring system
  • Pressure-resistant up to 350 bar, pressure peaks up to 450 bar
  • High degree of flexibility, adjustable to all measuring lengths thanks to teach-in 
  • Redundant interfaces (CAT3) available
  • Safety version usable up to Performace Level d
  • Analog, CANopen, SAE J1939, CANopen Safety interfaces
  • With PURE.MOBILE technology
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Wire-actuated encoder SGH50

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