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PositionLine: Position Indicators

Displays and components for positioning (format adjustment) of spindles and axles

Mechanical and electronic position indicators, handwheels and adjusting knobs designed for precise representation of position values directly on the spindle as well as clamping plates for locking.

The invention of the mechanical-digital position indicator

SIKO is the inventor of the SIKO counter and a global market leader in the field of spindle position indicators and handwheels with position indicators. As a consistent further development, SIKO is transforming the mechanical position indicators and handwheels that are so flexible in use into modern-day generations of programmable electronic spindle indicators that are also compatible with bus-controlled use.

Wide array of position indicators for industry and mechanical engineering applications

PositionLine is a tried-and-tested product family that has grown to accommodate the needs of users. The SIKO position sensors are used in a wide range of different applications, for example format adjustment on packaging machines, gage positioning in paper-processing machines and tool positioning on woodworking or metalworking machines. Other typical areas in which the SIKO position indicators can be used include reproducible process settings, workpiece positioning for special machine construction or format adjustments on glassworking machines.

Mechanical position indicators

One special aspect is the mechanical control knobs, which combine the miniaturized handwheel technology with the gear-supported, mechanical digital position indicators in orange. These controls can be operated in any kind of installation situation thanks to the affixing system, which is based on a torque support.

Electronic position indicators

For automation, the electronic spindle positioning systems from SIKO offer additional benefits compared with mechanical position indicators. Parameters such as spindle pitch, count direction or decimal points are freely programmable. Depending on the model, the position values can be transferred to a control unit via an interface for further processing.

Fieldbus and Ethernet communication

Integration in standardized industrial fieldbus systems or Ethernet networks such as Profibus-DP, Profinet-IO, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP or CANopen is possible with the help of interface converters. The SIKO spindle position indicators, setpoint displays and linear sensors for slide adjustments are then a key component of monitored format adjustment to raise the efficiency of production machines.

Clamping plates for arresting position indicators

Mechanical and pneumatic clamping plates round off the SIKO PositionLine portfolio. They serve to lock a spindle in its position once it has been positioned correctly, thus preventing any unwanted shifting during the production process.