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Proven to be successful in decades of use: The stable SIKO disk handwheel made of solid metal or glass-fiber reinforced plastic

Handwheels made of aluminium or plastic are available in different sizes and forms and can be combined with analog position indicators.
Product typeDiameter in mmHousing materialHub material
87 mm, 130 mm, 150 mmplastic blackgalvanised steel
80 mm, 120 mm, 140 mm, 160 mm, 200 mmaluminumaluminum
80 mm, 120 mm, 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mmaluminumaluminum
78 mm, 75 mm, 110 mmaluminumaluminum
63 mm, 98 mmplastic blackgalvanised steel
65 mm, 108 mmaluminumaluminum
56 mmaluminiumaluminium

Handwheels with integrated analog position indicators

The handwheels of the product range PositionLine: Position indicators are used in combination with analog position indicators for positioning adjustment spindles in industrial applications - also refer to “mechanical analog position indicators and handwheels". The handwheel serves as an adjustment element, whereby all SIKO handwheels are equipped with a corresponding cutout for mounting a position indicator.

Material of the handwheel can be chosen

SIKO supplies handwheels made of aluminum and reinforced plastic. The HG series in particular was designed for food related applications without corners where dirt can accumulate and with an optional stainless steel hub.

Handwheels with a great variety of sizes

The SIKO handwheels are available in different sizes with an external diameter from 56 – 200 mm so that an optimum compromise is possible between the required torque and available installation space. If the application demands an even smaller size, suitable devices are available in the Control knobs product range.

Different handle designs for SIKO handwheels

To make positioning as easy as possible for the operator, handles are available for most handwheels as ball, cylinder and folding handles – refer to the accessories on the respective product sheets. The star-wheel version (HST range) ensures comfortable handling and efficient wheel manipulation.


Customized handwheel with a single piece

The handwheel hub is customized to suit the respective application requirements. To this purpose SIKO has its own machines that can produce an individually designed handwheel hub, also as a single unit. Different hub bores, supplementary keyways or pin holes as well as hub threads are implemented to absorb axial and radial forces and reliably transfer the rotational motion.

Freely programmable electronic handwheel

If the corresponding analog position indicators are not sufficient for the respective positioning applications, the electronic Handwheel DKE01 is a plastic handwheel with an integrated battery-powered display. The integrated electronic-digital position indicator can be freely programmed and can therefore be ideally adapted to the required display values of the respective application. The devices are either programmed at the works or by the user with the aid of the ProToolDE programming tool.

Note: SIKO analog position indicators are part of the product range PositionLine: Position indicators.