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Analog position indicators

For displaying rotational movement with high-resolution analogue indicators

Analog position indicators are available in various sizes and can be combined with many types of handwheels. The indicators are customizable thanks to special scaling.
Product typeScale in mmVersionHousing materialDisplay
51.7 mm dust-tight, oil-filled, waterproof reinforced plastic scale + pointer
66.8 mm dust-tight, oil-filled, waterproof reinforced plastic scale + pointer
86.8 mm dust-tight, oil-filled, waterproof reinforced plastic scale + pointer
86.8 mm dust-tight, oil-filled reinforced plastic scale + pointer and 5 decades digital display

Analog position indicators are available in a vast choice of variants

Analog position indicators from SIKO serve for the display of position values on a pointer scale. These indicators – also referred to as dials – are available in various sizes with a scale diameter of 50 to 80, so that the scaling and visibility can be optimally adapted to the available space.

Free choice of size, shape and materials

A complete positioning unit always comprises a handwheel and a corresponding position indicator with an analog pointer scale - refer to the overview Mechanical analogue position indicators and handwheels.. SIKO offers a full range of handwheels in different sizes, forms and materials that are described in detail in the Handwheels product range. Various handles are also available for these handwheels for convenient positioning - refer to the accessories on the respective product pages.

Analog position indicators have been in use in many branches of industry an applications since decades.

Analog position indicators from SIKO are used for a wide range of industrial applications. They serve as position indicators for process settings in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as for food processing and in breweries. SIKO dials are also used for format adjustment on printing machines, wood processing machines or tablet presses. These position indicators are also suitable for use on dosing pumps, bakery machines or grain and coffee mills for adjusting the respective process parameters.

Customized scale design even with number of pieces = 1

This wide range of applications is possible due to the flexible adaptability of the SIKO position indicators to the respective application requirements. Printing of the scales can also be customized to suit the specific application. Printing can also be customized individually for single units with regard to the scale itself, color, use of company logos and information texts.

The flexible design of the position indicator is rounded off by different mechanical versions. There are dust-tight, water-tight and oil-filled versions available and the position indicators can be selected so that they ideally suit the ambient conditions for each application.

Electronic position indicator

Should the analogue position value indication be insufficient for specific applications, with the "electronic control knob DKE01" SIKO GmbH also supplies a battery-powered electronic digital position indicator for integration in a handwheel.

Note: SIKO analog position indicators are part of the product range PositionLine: Position indicators.