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RotoLine: Rotary encoders

Overview: SIKO rotary encoders

Incremental and absolute rotary encoders, geared potentiometers as well as electronic displays for precise determination of angles, distances and speeds.

SIKO RotoLine – rotary encoders, geared potentiometers and displays

SIKO has grouped its encoder and display product families under the RotoLine brand. Depending on the measurement principles used with their typical areas of application, this results in the following four product areas:  incremental rotary encoders, absolute rotary encoders, geared potentiometers and displays.

Rotary encoders: precise measuring technology with defined values

SIKO’s extensive product portfolio allows for a variety of types that ranges from low-cost incremental encoders in miniature design with simpler mechanical fittings to sophisticated, high-resolution products such as absolute encoders – in casings made of plastic or of heavy-duty cast aluminum.

Rotary encoders are the solution for a variety of measurement tasks

In mechanical and plant engineering, SIKO rotary encoders are essential for measuring lengths, angles or rotation speeds. With a large number of designs and application-oriented specifications, rotary encoders provide the basis for robust measuring procedures for a vast range of different engineering solutions. Sitting on an axle or spindle, the encoders measure values as incremental or absolute signals. The measuring principle can be optical, magnetic or based on an electrical resistance (potentiometer). The information acquired in this way can be used for upstream controls or can be presented directly on displays.

If a certain position is recorded as an absolute value and is to be available after the system has been switched off and on again, absolute rotary encoders are essential. For all other applications, incremental encoders may be the appropriate choice.

Recording measurement values using geared potentiometers

When conditions are particularly tough and you need reliable signals such as 4…20mA oder 0…10V or the recording of measurement values should use a potentiometer as the basic system, then geared potentiometers are the right choice.


Even the best measurements are worth nothing if they cannot be displayed correctly. This is where tried-and-trusted SIKO displays come into play. LCD and LED displays are available in a wide variety of mechanical and electronic versions. Thanks to the flexible selection of interfaces, you can find the right display for every encoder, angle encoder, potentiometer and absolute encoder.