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12. November 2019

Magnetic sensor MSAC200

absolute rotation with flexCoder technology

New flexCoder sensors for robotics and handling automation
New developments in robotics, automation and many other rotative applications are aiming for increasingly compact designs and often cannot be implemented using the standard components available on the market. To prevent restricting the scope of design for the customer, SIKO provides a new flexCoder technology – an encoder system comprising a sensor and rule that can be adapted to the position and shape of the application..
flexCoder technology
The flexibility of adaptation of flexCoder technology allows it to be built exactly into the customer’s design. The key factor is that both the sensor and the rule can be adapted. The available SIKO standard can also be applied by a magnet ring or encoder. For example, this makes it possible to use the compact sensor mount, and modification is required only to the attachment of the rule on the customer’s shaft. With other applications, a standard SIKO magnet ring is used and the mounting of the flexible sensor array and the evaluation and interface electronics are adapted to the customer’s specific fixing options in the housing. Since the electronics can be both bent and stacked, integration can be very compact. Thanks to these adaptations to the encoder and rule with regard to the shaft diameter and the fixing options available, the application can be designed more compactly and more uncompromisingly.

Custom solutions – flexible and quickly realized
SIKO has the advantage that in-house technologies can be drawn on for both the rule technology and the electronics. The realization time in which the system is customized to the customer specification is planned skillfully. From the idea through to the series solution, the project is implemented directly and in short time intervals.
High-resolution, absolute – technical performance
The MSAC200 provides absolute position feedback as soon as it is switched on. The SSI interface and the established motor The MSAC200 provides absolute position feedback as soon as it is switched on. The SSI interface and the established motor feedback interface, BiSS-C are used for this. Optionally, the analog real-time signal output can be provided with sin/cos signals 1 Vss.
With ring diameters from 44 mm, an absolute resolution of up to 20 bits is achieved. The high repeatability of 0.01° enables precision positioning at all times.
Another special feature of the MSAC200 is its high installation tolerances. The distance between the sensor and the rule is ≤0.6 mm, and the axial tolerances are of the order of ±0.5 mm. This facilitates the design of the overall system and its use in dynamic applications.
Target applications
The MSAC200 is ideally suited for use in applications in which both high resolution and precision are accompanied by the need for flexible adaptation to the customer’s design. These requirements apply to motor feedback, to handling and assembly automation, and to robotic systems.
With flexCoder technology, the MSAC200 can be flexibly adapted to the customer's design and provides precise absolute values with high installation tolerances at the same time. It is basically possible to adapt the encoder and the magnetic ring for precise fitting, for example in motors. An additional feature is the high reading distance ≤0.6 mm and axial tolerance of ±0.5 mm to facilitate the design of the overall system and enable use in dynamic applications.

Profile MSAC200:

  • customer-specific design

  • integration into small installation space possible
  • absolute resolution up to 20 Bit
  • repeatability 0.01°
  • reading distance ≤0.6 mm
  • Interface BiSS C, SSI
  • optional analog real-time signal output Sin/Cos 1 Vss
  • industrial and medical applications e.g., motor feedback, handling automation and robotics
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Magnetic sensor MSAC200

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