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Electronic position indicator AP20S

Absolute linear adjustments, integrated Industrial Ethernet interface

Absolute indicator with Industrial Ethernet interface which enables process-capable and intuitive positioning for manual iinear or slider adjustments. The display and evaluation of target and actual values ensures monitored format adjustment.

Profile AP20S:

  • Electronic position indicator with plug connection for magnetic sensor
  • Integrated Industrial-Ethernet-Fieldbus
  • Backlit two-row LCD
  • Display of target and actual value displays with integrated alignment

  • Display accuracy up to 0.01 mm
  • Absolute function via internal backup
  • Robust sensor technology unit thanks to magnetic scanning
  • User guidance through status LEDs
  • IP53 type of protection, IP65 as an option

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Mechanical data
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Housingreinforced plastic Metal cover / plug thread / ground connection
Electrical data
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Operating voltage24 V DC ±20 %

reverse polarity protected

Current consumption~35 mA
Battery service life~8 year(s)
Display/display range6-digit LCD 14-segment, ~8 mm high Decimal points, 2 rows, special characters (backlit LED red/white)
-199999 … 999999
Special charactercw arrow, ccw arrow, incremental measurement, battery
Status display2x two-color LED (red/green) position status, configurable
Keysincremental measurement function, parameterizing, resetting
Type of connection1x M8-plug connector (A-coded) 4-pole, 1x pin
1x M8-plug connector (A-coded) 6-pole, 1x socket (sensor)
1x M12-plug connector (D-coded) 4-pole, 2x socket
grounding via flat male tab 6.3 mm or terminal lug M4
System data
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Scanningexternal sensor
Resolution0.01 mm use with MS500H
720 increments/revolution displayed value/revolution freely configurable (use with GS04)
System accuracy±35 µm use with MS500H
Measuring range±655 m use with MS500H
≤14562 revolution(s) use with GS04
Ambient conditions
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Ambient temperature0 … 60 °C
Storage temperature-20 … 80 °C
Relative humidity condensation inadmissible
EMCEN 61326-1 industrial immunity requirements, class B emission limit
Protection category


EN 60529, with mating connector only


EN 60529, with mating connector only

Shock resistance500 m/s2, 11 ms EN 60068-2-27
Vibration resistance100 m/s2, 5 … 150 Hz EN 60068-2-6
Electronic position indicator AP20S

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