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Monitored format adjustment

Smart Positioning

If it is necessary to change setting positions in a machine frequently and flexibly, intelligent positioning systems are being increasingly used that assist the operator in making and checking settings or even carry out this work fully automatically. Bus-integrated electronic position indicators guide the machine operator during manual adjustment to the target position intuitively and quickly and by communicating the actual value to the machine control ensure seamless process reliability.

Each adjustment spindle is assigned a set position by the machine control. This set value is signaled by field bus to the respective position indicators where it is displayed. Even in large machines with a number of axes it can be seen at a glance where the operator is required. The set and actual value comparison integrated into the position indicator detects any deviation at these points and the LED lights up red while the signals are green on the other axes where adjustment is not required.

Comparison with the classic solution using mechanical position indicators shows: Manual monitoring of each of the individual spindle positions is already unnecessary with this function.

The quality of the produced or packed product is, however, also an important aspect. When the actual values are signaled to the central machine control, it can be guaranteed that all settings that are essential for the process are correct before series production begins.

Application video

Bus-compatible, rotative electronic position indicators for spindle adjustments

Bus-compatible position displays of the AP series combine three functions in one device: Set value display, rotary encoder and position indicator. As the set and actual positions are already internally compared, the machine control receives clear position status information (InPos or OutPos) of each individual axis. With the intuitive operation with display of the set value and necessary direction of rotation, format adjustment is child's play, even for untrained personnel. The two LEDs with red/green signals as well as the back-lit display show the position status as well as set values and actual values clearly and brightly. The integrated magnetic measuring principle ensures a high resolution and is robust against external influences.

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Bus-compatible, linear electronic position indicators for linear guides

In many machines not only the spindle is used for positioning, but stops and guide plates are also moved directly on linear guides. The movements of these linear slides can also be integrated into the monitored format adjustment system with bus-compatible position indicators. The AP10S position indicator measures the linear path with an external magnetic sensor with high precision and shows the actual position with a resolution of up to 0.01 mm.

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Bus-compatible target value indicator for partial format change / tool change

If not only different positions are set in machines but also entire tools or format sets have to be replaced during product changeover, the concept of monitored format adjustment can also be used in this field. With the aid of bus-integrated, electronic displays, the set values and actual values of the required part designation can be displayed directly on the spot and signaled back to the machine control.

Choice of products

3 solutions, 1 vendor for your efficient format adjustment

1. Manual format adjustment
Digital position indicators for inexpensive and reliable positioning

2. Monitored format adjustment
Bus-compatible position indicators with set/actual value comparison and status display for guided manual adjustment

3. Automated format adjustment
Field bus compact actuators for process-optimized, exact and fully-automatic positioning


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