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13. January 2016

Electronic display MA508/1

Quasi-absolute, mains-independent LCD display, robust metal housing

New battery-powered MA508/1 display - flexibly programmable and completely autonomous.
In addition to the already known instruments for measuring lengths, angles, rotational speeds and inclinations, the SIKO GmbH is now offering the new MA508/1 display as successor of the previous MA508 display. Its essential advantages include higher resolution and accuracy as well as freely programmable parameters such as resolution, offset value, etc. via the keyboard. Its range of application is extended to include woodworking machines or machine tools which did not open so far because of lower resolution. The advanced lowest-power technology permits operation of the system without battery change up to 10 years, This makes it uniquely maintenance-free.

Diverse fields of application for measurement display units
In many areas of industry or mechanical engineering, there are measuring jobs for distances and angles that are not evaluated using control systems, but rather require the measured values to be displayed, be it in metrology, the packaging industry or the woodworking industry. The task of controlling distances with millimeter precision can be found in more all less all conceivable areas.

Sophisticated and robust magnetic measuring technology
The MA508/1 is a robust measurement display unit with well-known and well-tested magnetic measurement technology. Combined with the MB500 magnetic tape, the magnetic display acquires signals and converts them to direct length information with a resolution of 0.01 mm for example. Furthermore, it is possible on principle to operate the magnetic display in combination with magnetic rings MR500 and MBR500 for the acquisition of angle adjustments.
Compact and proven mechanical design
The new measuring display unit MA508/1 from the MagLine product range is impressive due to its innovative and, above all, proven technology of the well-known MA508 measuring display, with an extended range of functions. The compact size of the extremely sturdy measuring display allows for a problem-free constructive integration, even in installations where space is restricted. A good price-performance ratio completes the offer of the new measuring display of SIKO.
Push button operation
The measuring display unit can be set to zero or to a pre-defined offset value everywhere at the push of a button. No additional programming tool is required any more, to save costs.
The MA508/1 magnetic display is the optimized successor of the MA508 magnetic display. Now, the magnetic display can be freely programmed via the integrated keyboard, for example for parameters such as resolution or offset.
The compact dimensions enable simple constructive integration even under confined installation conditions. The metal housing guarantees durability and robustness.

Profile MA508/1:

  • Display accuracy max. 0.01 mm
  • Repeat accuracy 0.01 mm
  • Low-power LCD with integrated sensor
  • Supply via integrated battery with up to 10 years of service life
  • Freely programmable directly via buttons on the device
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Electronic display MA508/1

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