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Flexible production processes in no time or at the push of a button
The demands on the flexibility of modern production plants are increasing continually. With a wide product variety and increasingly small batch sizes, optimum system availability is becoming even more important. Short setup times are therefore a standard requirement for production and packaging machines.

The reliability of the positioning systems employed is decisive for flexible production processes, irrespective of whether these are inexpensive with a handwheel, reliable with a bus-compatible position indicator or fully automatic with an actuator. As the inventor of the mechanical-digital position indicator, the SIKO counter, today we are the global market leader in the field of digital position indicators. Thanks to our close partnership with a circle of customers from internationally leading machine manufacturers, we have set standards for decades with innovative solutions for efficient format production when changing products.

The higher the required quality and the more frequently an axis has to be positioned, the more productive and profitable the use of a monitored or automated positioning solution is.

With the use of different technologies, we supply the most economical solution for a very wide range of applications.  These different positioning systems are also mechanically compatible in most cases, so that they can be flexibly combined. As a machine manufacturer, this is a considerable advantage! You can individually configure and supply the degree of machine automation required by your customer. It is also effective to equip axes that require frequent adjustment with our compact actuators, and axes that only require infrequent adjustment with inexpensive position indicators. We call this "Smart Positioning!"


3 solutions, 1 vendor for your efficient format adjustment

1. Manual format adjustment
Digital position indicators for inexpensive and reliable positioning

2. Monitored format adjustment
Bus-compatible position indicators with set/actual value comparison and status display for guided manual adjustment

3. Automated format adjustment
Field bus compact actuators for process-optimized, exact and fully-automatic positioning

Examples of application


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