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MagLine: magnetic linear and angular measurement

Since decades, the robust magnetic measuring technology (MagLine) has been field-tested in the areas of distance measurement, angle measurement, and speed measurement

SIKO MagLine - magnetic sensors, magnetic tapes and magnetic rings designed for contactless capturing of linear and angular positions.

The special advantages of the MagLine magnetic length and angle measurement technology

  • Non-contacting measurement with magnetic sensor and magnetic strip or magnetic ring
  • Completely non-wearing
  • Insensitive to dust, chips, moisture, oil, grease etc.
  • Very robust when exposed to shocks and vibration
  • No measuring errors caused by gear ratios or gear backlash
  • High system accuracy and reproducibility, easy handling and installation

Measurements under extreme industrial conditions are demanding when it comes to ensuring reliability and reproducibility. MagLine systems are the preferred solution for linear and radial positions as well as precise measurement of speeds and angles. The non-contacting design proves its advantages in all measurement situations, for example for motor feedback and highly dynamic processes in very soiled environments.

Selection criteria for the magnetic length and angle measurement

  • Linear or rotational applications?
  • Incremental or absolute method?
  • System accuracy and reproducibility requirements
  • Connection to higher-level control system or autonomous measuring system?

With our selection matrix for the suitable measuring method you can specify your parameters to find the right MagLine magnet sensors, magnetic strips or magnetic rings as well as measurement displays and evaluation electronics and the measurement solutions from the other SIKO product lines.

Robust magnetic measuring technology

The magnetic measuring equipment defies soiling and mechanical stress in industrial applications. The greatest advantage is the magnetic measuring process itself, as it cannot be negatively affected by typical machine impact (vibration, shock) nor by other influences (solids or liquids).

Demanding conditions need robust technology. Durable materials and functional units guarantee reliability. To do justice to the mechanical demands, the flexible encoders can be additionally protected by a stainless steel cover strip. The magnetic sensors themselves do not have any moving parts, as the electronic components are fully encapsulated. Robust plastic and metal housings are mainly used to this purpose.

The MagLine technology product family

Depending on the demands and application, SIKO has developed four different product lines within the MagLine range that feature coordinated products:

  • MagLine Micro (linear length measurement with magnetic strip)
  • MagLine Basic (linear length measurement with magnetic strip)
  • MagLine Macro (linear length measurement with magnetic strip)
  • MagLine Roto (magnetic speed measurement and magnetic angle measurement) 


MagLine Micro for particularly high-resolution, precise position measurement

MagLine Micro is a very high resolution linear measurement system designed for precise measurement in the micrometer range. MagLine Micro systems are an economical alternative to conventional length measurement systems with, for example, optical encoders. Functionally the magnetic length measurement systems of the MagLine-Micro range cover a wider range of applications due to their robust design and the insensitive magnetic measuring technology.

MagLine Basic for standard solutions in magnetic measuring technology applications

MagLine Basic offers economical solutions for industrial applications, whereby the resolution also extends into the micrometer range. The product family covers the widest range of components both for incremental magnetic measurement as well as absolute magnetic measurement.

MagLine Macro for extra long measuring distances

MagLine Macro is designed for particularly long measuring distances, for example in warehouse and conveying technology systems. The magnetic length encoding system can measure distances of 100 meters and more. Reading distances of up to 20 mm are possible to compensate for differences in height. Digital signal outputs forward the measurement values with a resolution and accuracy of up to 1 mm to displays or higher-level control systems.

MagLine Roto for magnetic speed and angle measurement.

The Roto range is a rotational, bearing-free measurement system that is an ideal alternative to optical encoder systems, especially when exact speed or angle measurement is required under difficult ambient conditions. Examples of these are use on balancing machines in which tremendous forces are exerted as well as in a hydraulic pump in which even the oil bath cannot affect the magnetic measuring system of the Roto range.