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Manual format adjustment

A mechanical-digital position indicator is the classic solution for setting positions in a machine that only requires infrequent adjustment. This is very inexpensive and the spindle setting is reproducible by the exact indication of the actual value. The tooling times, i.e. the idle times of the machine during product changeover, are, however, longest with this solution, as each position is set manually. The settings also require manual checks and may need verification during a trial run of the system before series production can be resumed.

Mechanical digital position indicators

With the original SIKO ­counters the position values on axes and spindles can be easily and clearly checked. High mechanical precision and sophisticated details combined with clear readability and a long service life have placed these counters in orange at the global front of this technology market. Extremely easy handling during installation and retrofitting is one of the decisive advantages of the SIKO ­position indicators. The display value per rotation for the required spindle pitch is designed accordingly with an integrated gear unit. Very compact position indicators are available for confined spaces. In contrast, long adjustment paths require larger position indicators with a number of display points.

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Electronic digital position indicators

p>Electronic position indicators offer considerable advantages over mechanical versions. With this functional principle the axis movement is detected either capacitively or magnetically and evaluated. The spindle pitch, decimal point, direction of rotation and installation position as well as a number of other parameters are freely programmable. If position indicators are required for a machine with several spindles with different pitches and installation positions, only one basic procurement process and storage type is required. As they are battery-powered, they can be used as absolute indicators with a service life of up to eight years.

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Control knobs

This SIKO innovation combines precise functionality with contemporary industrial design. An innovative gear unit enables integration of the mechanical digital display directly into the adjustment knob. The mechanical or electronic control knobs are economical, versatile, easy to use and are excellently designed.

Our control knobs are therefore often used for process engineering, dosing technology or process technology. They ensure reproducible process control, for example for adjusting valves and the stroke lengths of dosing pumps or manual flow control. 

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Handwheels with integrated position indicator

If machine spindles are not only adjusted by hand but the position should be displayed at the same time, handwheels with an integrated position indicator are the right choice.

This reliable combination can also be easily mounted on horizontal spindles under robust conditions. Exact manual positioning is therefore possible without additional adjustment elements.

Everything always in view: Individual scales or even digital displays guarantee reliable readability. SIKO also supplies customized special scales from quantities of one or more.

Choice of products

3 solutions, 1 vendor for your efficient format adjustment

1. Manual format adjustment
Digital position indicators for inexpensive and reliable positioning

2. Monitored format adjustment
Bus-compatible position indicators with set/actual value comparison and status display for guided manual adjustment

3. Automated format adjustment
Field bus compact actuators for process-optimized, exact and fully-automatic positioning


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