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24. March 2017

Magnetic sensor MSAC501

Absolute, high-resolution position acquisition for rotative applications

The measurement of motor feedback is particularly important for large three-phase motors or torque motors. Now, with the MSAC501 absolute sensor, SIKO offers a truly absolute solution for precisely this application. The exact sensor position is available immediately after a current interruption. Additional reference or mechanical activity is not necessary.
Wide selection of interfaces
The MSAC501 sensor works with standardized SSI or RS485 interfaces. An optional LD output for digital signal output can also be selected. Rim speeds of 25 m / sec (incremental) or 5 m / sec (absolute) can be easily realized.
High precision
High precision is a matter of course for a measuring technology company with more than 50 years of experience: The MSAC501 has a system accuracy of up to +/- 0.06 ° (in combination with the magnetic ring MRAC501); resolution and repeatability can even reach +/- 0.0014 °!
Robust and long lasting
All components are rated at protection class IP67 and can be used across a broad range of temperatures, from -30 to + 80 ° C. The profile is completed by a high contamination tolerance (dust, oil, grease), long working life, and resistance to wear thanks to the contactless, magnetic measuring principle.
Different system components
As a “partner” for the MSAC501 sensor, the MRAC501 (solid aluminum ring) and the MBAC501 magnetic tape are available.
The MRAC501 is available as a solid ring with fixed aluminum flange, and is therefore suitable for measuring revolutions up to 360 ° (single turn).
The MBAC501 measuring tape includes a magnetic tape and steel carrying case, and is designed for self-assembly by the customer on a ring or external radius. With this combination, measurements can be conducted over a range < 360°.
These different components can serve a large variety of customer requirements, regardless of whether they involve different diameters of bottles, different interfaces, special resolutions, high accuracy demands, or simply extreme robustness with respect to dust and dirt.

Do-it-yourself testing made easy:
The MSAC501 sensor is already available on the market and can be tested free of charge on request by contacting SIKO GmbH.
The MSAC501 magnetic sensor serves truly absolute roto measurement, e.g., on large 3-phase current or torque motors.The sensor has the standardized SSI or 485 interfaces. Optionally, an LD output can be selected for incremental signal output. Circumferential speeds of 25 m/sec (incremental) or 5 m/sec (absolute) can be attained.

Profile MSAC501:

  • Max. resolution 0.0014° (MRAC501) or 4.88 µm
  • Repeat accuracy of 0.0014° (MRAC501) or 4.88 µm
  • System accuracy ±0.06° (MRAC501) or ±0.03 mm
  • SSI output circuit, RS485 (absolute), optional LD (incremental)
  • Signal period 5 mm
  • Status LEDs for diagnosis
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Magnetic sensor MSAC501

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