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SIKO | Sensors and Positioning Systems

Today SIKO sums up five decades of experience in length, angle and speed measurement technology. Building upon this core competence, SIKO develops and manufactures groundbreaking products for automation and drive engineering. The highest demands of our industrial and machine engineering customers lead to quality, precision and functionality of our products and services.

SIKO is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015. Sustainable resource management is a matter of course for us.

Current issues and innovations

Magnetic sensor MSAC200

Magnetic sensor MSAC200
flexCoder sensors for robotics and handling automation

Product lines

5 product lines - A broad range of products for most diverse measurement jobs

The SIKO product portfolio includes a total of 5 product lines: These cover high-quality measuring technology (measuring devices and sensors for length measurement, angle measurement, speed measurement and rotational speed measurement) as well as positioning systems for industry and mechanical engineering. We offer solutions for a wide range of different measuring tasks and applications – with a constant focus on the requisite accuracy in recording measurement values.

Working on your behalf or together with you, we develop sensor systems for recording measurement values. The primary focus here is often on reducing setup times and optimizing manufacturing and production.

OEM customers, projects and special solutions or the delivery of spare parts directly to the end user: all of our customers are important to us!

  • Digital position indicators (position indicators / position displays) adjustment knobs and hand wheels (PositionLine)
  • Rotary encoders / encoders / incremental encoders, geared potentiometers and electronic displays (RotoLine)
  • Wire-actuated encoders / wire-actuated sensors / string pots (LinearLine)
  • Actuator drives / actuators (DriveLine)
  • Magnetic measuring systems – magnetic tape and sensors, absolute or incremental (MagLine)


SIKO measuring technology has been used in various branches of industry for decades:


  • Packaging industry: Positioning systems (spindle drives, position indicators, adjustment knobs) for Format adjustment of spindles / axes
    • Packaging machines
    • Cartoning machines / folding cardboard box erecting machines
    • Labeling machines
    • Final, packaging systems
    • Weighing technology
    • Inspektion systems
    • Film wrapping machines
    • Bag filling machines

  • Wood processing / furniture industry: Positioning devices and electronic displays / displays designed for optimization of setup times
    • Edge gluing machines
    • Edge gluing presses
    • Panel sizing saws
    • Planers
    • Pin drills
    • Shapers
    • Compound miter saws
    • Horizontal panel saws
    • Height adjustment of saw blades
    • Adjustment of stop systems
    • Surface treatment including distance control in the coating process (laminate coating units)
    • Measurement solutions for rough wood cutting in sawmills

  • Metal working / shaping of sheet metal / machine tools: Positioning devices for measured value acquisition
    • Control of roller adjustment in sheet bending machines
    • ol setting of roller-burnishing machines and metal forming machines
    • Settings on presses / stamping presses
    • Stop adjustment and angle adjustment on saws
    • rotary tables / milling tables / lathes
    • Setting of the stop depth
    • Cut width
    • Angle or boring head clearance
    • Positioning measurement for grinding technology

  • Stone working:
    • Water jet cutting machines
    • Stone saws
    • Stone boring machines
    • Stone mills
    • Stone cutting machines

  • Glass working
    • Adjustment of gas control on bottle molding machines
    • Flat glass working
    • Water jet cutting machines
    • Glass boring machines
    • Glass grinding machines
    • Glass saws
    • Glass drills
    • Glass cutters
    • Glass working machines

  • Plastic working: Positioning systems and metrology
    • Forming technology
    • Film stretching plants
    • Packaging film production
    • Film cutters (positioning of cutting knives)
    • Injection molding equipment
    • Welding machines (window production)

  • Medical engineering / Analytical technology / Laboratory technology: Length measuring devices and angle measuring devices
    • Tomographs
    • X-ray apparatuses
    • Examination tables
    • Operating tables
    • Production machines
    • Pipetting equipment
    • Monitoring of the disk position in suction cabinets
    • Speed measurement of centrifuges

  • Mobile Automation: Sensors for measured value acquisition
    • Construction Vehicles
    • Municipal vehicles
    • Mining machines
    • Agricultural machinery
    • Cranes (crane supports, booms / telescopic arms of mobile cranes)
    • Excavators, Dredger, Dipper
    • Fork lifts
    • AGVs
    • Mobile elevating platforms
    • Road cleaning vehicles
    • Waste disposal vehicles
    • Tractors
    • Harvesters
    • Horizontal/vertical position control of water cannons in firefighting
    • Industrial trucks
    • Crane units
    • Boring units

  • Sun Tracking: Measurement technology for sun tracking systems
    • Photovoltaic systems
    • Solar mirrors / CPV
    • Parabolic modules

  • Printing industry / paper working / film production: Measurement solutions and setting devices
    • Printing machines
    • Digital printers
    • Rollers
    • Pressure control of rotary cylinders
    • Setting of register and folding pouches
    • Monitoring of printing speed
    • Setting of paper formats
    • Fine adjustment of paper feeding devices
    • Positioning of punching tools
    • Distance measurement on re-rolling and cutting equipment or film lay-up machines

  • Process technology / process engineering: Microindication instruments and adjustment technology
    • Opening control of needle valves
    • Setting of metering valves
    • Flow control (flow controller for gases, liquids and granules, dosing pumps)
    • Valve settings
    • Control of pump performance
    • Length of stroke adjustment on dosing pumps
    • Fine adjustment / measurement on throttle valves
    • Reproducible process settings
    • Flow adjustment on dosing pumps
    • Measured value acquisition on high-precision control valves
    • Devices for measuring the valve settings on blow-molding machines
    • ….
  • Chemical industry / Pharmaceutical industry:
    • Setting / measurement of compounding ratios
    • Flow control
    • Setup of tablet presses/li>

  • Food industry: Regulation of mixture ratios
    • In beverages production / breweries
    • Automated format adjustment
    • Distance regulation or flow adjustment in filling plants
    • Positioning of cutting lines in sausage production
    • Feed regulation on automated sealing installations
    • Setting of the fineness of grindng on rollers
    • Measuring instruments for sieve settings on rice polishing machines and crop sorting installations/li>
    • Speed measurement on the feeding mechanism of sausage filling machines

  • Elevator technology: Position measurement and speed measurement for positioning
    •  Passenger elevators
    • Measurement technology for freight elevators
    • Sensor systems for material elevators

  • Warehouse / logistics / handling / conveyor technology: <s< strong="">Measurement technology for position detection or positioning, resp.
    • Warehousing systems
    • High-rack warehouse
    • Elevating platforms for heavy loads
    • Goliath cranes
    • Adjustment of the equipment orientation of conveyor belts
    • Determination of distance measures and run lengths

  • Additional measurement solutions implemented by SIKO:
    • Motor feedback in the oil bath
    • Deflection control of undercarriages (aircraft construction)
    • Measurement tasks in hydraulic cylinders
    • Recording of measured data for positioning in stagecraft
    • Distance regulation of guide rollers (laser welding equipment)
    • Measurement solutions for tire balancing equipment
    • Measurement devices for truck washes / car washes
    • Measurement technology for ski-lifts and access controlling devices (spiders)
    • Recording of the measured values of highly dynamic movements (industry robots, linear motors))
    • Measurement solutions on aerobridges
    • Motor feedback e.g. on rolling machines, path sensors for pick and place applications and linear drives
  • Special heavy-duty applications:
    • Measurement solutions for the tunnel boring technology (tunnel advance)
    • Offshore applications
    • Measurement technology for use in desert regions


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