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Mechanical analog position indicators and handwheels

The track-proven solution for manual settings

Handwheels with analog position indicators, customizable thanks to special scaling.

Handwheels function without electricity and make reproducible machine setup possible

While the handwheel primarily serves to adjust axial rotating movements manually, an integrated position indicator makes it possible to reproduce settings in addition to displaying position values. The range of possible applications is varied – even by the standards of our electronic era. This is chiefly thanks to the fact that the analog displays work even if the power is interrupted.

Safe reading even with multiple revolutions

The “clocks” (displays) are high-precision mechanical positioning units that are coupled with a set of hands which allows the adjustment values to be read directly and in analog form. The combination of an analog display and a digital counter alternatively provides for more reliable readings in the case of multiple rotations.

Customization of the handwheel's scale design

A vast array of scales is available for the actual readings. These can be customized based on the respective ratio or according to customers’ wishes. As far as spindle pitch is concerned, almost any standard ratio can be catered for as factory settings. In their basic design, the position indicators with a pendulum system are designed for attachment to horizontal spindles. By combining the position indicator with a planetary gear and a torque support – referred to as the affixing system – it is also possible to attach it to spindles with any number of different orientations.

Heavy-duty position indicators

For heavy-duty operation, the range includes position indicators that are corrosion-resistant, watertight or oil-filled. Particularly in terms of suitability for everyday use, the especially resistant analog measuring concept of a “handwheel plus a display” from SIKO is a winning argument thanks to its timeless benefits.

Handwheels are reliable and timeless

There are many reasons for the current new batch of handwheels. The most important is the human factor, as humans have developed sophisticated analog sight. In this way, offset printers can tell even from far away with their trained eye whether a setting is right or if it deviates from the norm.

Handwheels with position indicators of the product range PositionLine: Position indicators are standard in the most diverse industrial environments. Thanks to their precise and unfailingly reliable functioning based on the pendulum system, they are found in printing machines to regulate the pressure applied to rotation cylinders or in the chemicals or foodstuff industries – like here in a brewery line – to regulate mixing ratios.

Handwheels are being used in many branches of industry and applications

With their tangible ergonomics, they are resilient even in robust working and manufacturing environments. The solid operating principle adds value to many standard applications, particularly machine technology for processing metal, wood or plastic. In the chemicals industry, they are used for the direct control of flow rates. For a format change on production machines, spindles are set to suitable figures using mechanical or electronic position indicators from SIKO. To ensure fault-free production, it is advisable to secure these position values by means of a clamping device. This prevents unwanted movement of the spindle from its position due to vibration, external forces or simply incorrect operation by the machine operator. For this purpose, the product range PositionLine: Position indicators provides different machine elements that are optimally designed for the respective application.

Clamping plates for arresting position indicators

Manual clamping plates serve for direct locking of the position directly after manual adjustment. The outer contour of the various models is optimally designed for the electronic and mechanical SIKO spindle position indicators. Irrespective of whether a mechanical digital SIKO counter of the DA range, a freely programmable, electronic position indicator of the DE range or a bus-compatible digital indicator AP05 is used. The form is maintained by a corresponding outer contour design.
On the manual clamping elements of the KP range the position of the clamping lever can often be variably selected. This permits constructional integration and subsequent practical accessibility, even if space is restricted.
The pneumatic clamping plate KP09P permits convenient and also reliable locking of all adjustment axes of a machine. The clamping plates are pneumatically actuated by pressing a button on the control system and then fix the spindles in their position with a holding torque of up to 3 Nm.
Adapted to the contour of the track-proven SIKO counter DA09S, the combined use of a spindle position indicator and pneumatic clamping plate is an ideal solution. The compact and robust design of the clamping plate also permits use as a separate clamping element to lock any type of rotating adjustment axes on a machine.


  • Precise display thanks to an indicator shaft supported by two bearings
  • Very good readability thanks to large scales
  • Sturdy handwheels made of metal or glass-fiber reinforced plastic material
  • Robust measuring system, cost-effective mounting and operation
  • Ideal adaptation to customer requirements thanks to numerous transmission ratios ands provision of customer-specific special scales

Note: SIKO analog position indicators are part of the product range PositionLine: Position indicators.