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Measurement technology for medical and laboratory technology

Based on our many years of experience, we provide our customers from medical, analysis and laboratory technology not only with support in the selection of precise length, angle and speed measurement technology for the following medical products:

  • Tomographs and X-ray apparatuses
  • Operation and patient tables
  • Laboratory and analytical technology
  • Robotics
  • Rehabilitation machines


  • Precise, repeat-accurate and robust sensor technology
  • Absolutely measuring functional principle
  • Various interfaces are available
  • High safety
  • Customer-specific adjustments and special solutions
  • Wear-free technology
  • Easy handling and mounting

CT and MRI scanners 
They consist of a patient table and a gantry (ring tunnel), which contains a radiation tube as well as a detector. The patient is moved on the patient table for irradiation in the gantry tunnel. Exact positioning of the region to be treated is required to achieve good radiation results. SIKO magnetic sensors or SIKO cable control encoders with lower accuracy requirements are used here for horizontal or vertical positioning or for detecting the tilt of the patient table. The rotational movement of the devices for radiation therapy of the CT can be measured with magnetic sensors and special magnetic rings. Real or semi-absolute measuring technology is used in medical technology to avoid reference runs in currentless states.

X-ray equipment
IHigh-precision positioning of radiation is also required for X-ray equipment, for example, in cancer treatment to irradiate tumor tissue as accurately as possible. For this purpose, the treatment unit is recalibrated and aligned prior to treatment of each patient. In this case, SIKO inclination sensors are used for accurate angular positioning of +/- 0.1°. They are characterized by a high degree of robustness when exposed to X-rays.

Laboratory and analytical technology
Magnetic path measurement sensors are also required in laboratory and analytical technology, for example, for liquid handling systems. They are used for fast and effective analysis and evaluation of thousands of substances. Exact positioning in the x, y, and z axes is absolutely necessary in this context. SIKO absolute sensors provide reliable feedback about the exact position of the test substances.

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