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Magnetic sensor MSAC200

absolute rotation with flexCoder technology

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With flexCoder technology, the MSAC200 can be flexibly adapted to the customer's design and provides precise absolute values with high installation tolerances at the same time. It is basically possible to adapt the encoder and the magnetic ring for precise fitting, for example in motors. An additional feature is the high reading distance ≤0.6 mm and axial tolerance of ±0.5 mm to facilitate the design of the overall system and enable use in dynamic applications.

Profile MSAC200:

  • customer-specific design

  • integration into small installation space possible
  • absolute resolution up to 20 Bit
  • repeatability 0.01°
  • reading distance ≤0.6 mm
  • Interface BiSS C, SSI
  • optional analog real-time signal output Sin/Cos 1 Vss
  • industrial and medical applications e.g., motor feedback, handling automation and robotics
BiSS C SSI sin/cos

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