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17. April 2014

Actuator AG25 Fieldbus/IE

Industrial Ethernet

The SIKO DriveLine compact actuators are particularly suitable for optimized format adjustment setup times due to their special power and control electronics, absolute sensors and integrated position controllers.
The electric motor and gear unit of the new AG25 actuator correspond to those of the track-proven AG05 positioning drive. In addition to the previously available data interfaces, SIKO has now integrated the industrial Ethernet fieldbus interfaces Ethernet/IP, Profinet as well as EtherCAT and POWERLINK. They permit flexible configuration of a wide range of line and ring topologies.
Additional signals from external proximity switches or limit switches, pulse generators and operating units can be recorded, actions initiated and output to signal units via the additional digital inputs and outputs. 
Automatic adjustment of formats, end stops and tools as well as other comparable positioning operations - the intelligent AG25 actuator carries out all these tasks with ease. The device is ideal where decentralised positioning tasks are required in the machine or system with minimum space requirements and a low weight.
The AG25 can be flexibly integrated into various machine configurations, which is interesting for both OEMs and system operators alike. No additional material is required for installation. Programming work, set-up and setting times are minimal, and fast activation is possible. The AG25 features a stainless steel hollow shaft with a diameter of 14 mm. The actuator is mounted directly on the feed and auxiliary axes.
Integration into various safety concepts is very simple with the AG25, as the control and power electronics are separately supplied with power. The workload of the higher-level PLC is reduced considerably by the integrated control electronics. In addition monitoring functions for temperature, current and tracking errors are already integrated into the drive. The battery charge level is constantly monitored so that it is signalled or displayed in good time when the battery requires replacement by the system user. Due to the battery buffer of the magnetic measuring system, position deviations are also detected in a non-energised state and re-referencing is not necessary.   
The AG25 is predestined for confined spaces. Profit from decentralised and modular automation with DriveLine - a wide range of different versions and performance categories permit flexible scaling. Implement your "bespoke" solutions – from the basic module through to high-end applications.  
Thanks to special power and control electronics, absolute sensor technology and integrated position controller, the AG25 ultra-compact and powerful actuator is particularly well suited for format adjustments optimized for setup times. Due to the variety of available interface standards, quick and smooth integration into the existing controller is possible.

Profile AG25 Fieldbus/IE:

  • Small dimensions, high power density
  • easy mounting and commissioning
  • High flexibility, high protection category
  • stainless steel 14 mm diam. hollow shaft, robust housing

  • Brushless EC motor with a long service life
  • solid absolute sensor, magnetic sensing technology
  • integrated power and control electronics
  • Integrated Industrial-Ethernet-Fieldbus
  • Integrated positioning controller
  • M12 component mounting technology
  • Industry 4.0 ready
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Actuator AG25 Fieldbus/IE

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