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Magnetic sensor MSK320SKF

ATEX version, incremental, digital interface

Profile MSK320SKF:

  • High scaling factor ≤64
  • Pole length 3.2 mm
  • Speed-proportional signal output

  • Reading distance ≤2 mm
  • Works with MB320/1 magnetic tape, MRI01 or MR320 magnetic ring, MBR320 magnetic tape ring
  • Option: ATEX version with
    TPS 13 ATEX 47828 001 X EC type-examination certificate

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Mechanical data
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information


Sensor/band reading distance0.1 … 2 mm
Cable sheathRADOX

6-wire, ø6.7 mm

Electrical data
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Operating voltage4.75 … 30 V DC
4.75 … 9 V DC

for ATEX application

Current consumption≤40 mA


Output circuitPP
Output signalsA, /A, B, /B
Real-time requirement

speed-proportional signal output

System data
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Pole length3.2 mm
Scaling factor≤64
Repeat accuracy ±1 increment(s)
Circumferential speed≤40 m/s

3.2 mm pole, Fin ≤20 kHz

Travel speed≤40 m/s

; 3.2 mm pol, Fin ≤20 kHz

3.2 mm pole, Fin ≤20 kHz

Failure rate395.2 year(s)

at 60 °C (MTBF)

Ambient conditions
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Ambient temperature-40 … 120 °C
Storage temperature-40 … 120 °C
Relative humidity100 % condensation admissible

IEC 61000-6-3(ed.2);
am1, IEC 61000-6-2(ed.2.0), EN 61000-6-3:07 + A1:11, EN 61000-6-2:05

Insulation strength500 V AC EN 60439-1
Protection categoryIP67 EN 60529
Shock resistance

EN 61373 class 2

Vibration resistance

EN 61373 class 2

Magnetic sensor MSK320SKF
Pin assignment
SignalStrand number
+UB 1
A 3
/A 4
B 5
/B 6
  Shield on housing
ATEX option
Pay attention to the following description when operating the MSK320SKF sensor with ATEX approval in the EEx-hazardous area

The maximum electrical and mechanical limiting values specified in the Technical data must not be exceeded. The following characteristic safety values apply to the MSK320SKF sensor:

inspection certificate

EC type-examination certificate TPS 13 ATEX 47828 001 X for Sensor MSK320SKF of 06-21-2016. The inspection certificatewill be provided on request.

Hint The sensor must only be operated in the specified operating temperature range of -40 ... +120 °C

MSK320SKF ATEX option
gravure (only with ATEX version)

Description of a safety circuit taking the example of (see next page)

The operating voltage is connected to the safety barrier. The safety barrier limits the current flowing into the EEX circuit to ≤350 mA and the voltage to ≤9 V.
The output signals are routed to the optical separation provided to this purpose. This ensures that no energy can enter the sensor through this path.

compilation of characteristic equipment values

Associated equipment

No.:NameTypeManufacturerUo [V]Io [mA]Ex group
1 Safety barrier 924-60004-003 BEI Sensors 8.5 345 IIC
circuit diagram

Possible protective circuitry of the MSK320SKF with a safety barrier is described below as an example. The safety barrier is not included in the scope of supply of the MSK320SKF.

Scope of delivery
  • MSK320SKF
  • Mounting instructions
Ordering table
Feature Order data Specifications Additional information
Operating voltage
4.75 ... 30 V DC
4.75 ... 9 V DCATEX
Cable length
00.2 ... 01.0 m, in intervals of 0.1 m
01.0 ... 20 m, in intervals of 1 m
Linear resolution/ radial scaling factor
others on request
Ordering key

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