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DriveLine: Actuators

SIKO spindle drives for automated positioning

Compact actuators for process-optimized precise and automated positioning of formats, end stops, tools, or valves.

SIKO DriveLine compact actuators: Reduce setup times, enhance productivity!

"Short cycle times and changeover times, high productivity and quality with lower capital expenditure" is the recipe for success of ideal industrial processes.

The DriveLine actuators of SIKO GmbH are particularly well suited for this purpose. Automatic format adjustment, stop positioning, tool alignment and valve adjustment as well as many other comparable positioning tasks: from a rotary actuator or actuator for simple applications and ancillary functions to a rotary drive and spindle drive or servo drive replacement for the control of complex machine processes and main processes, all of these tasks are easily mastered.

Easy integration and commissioning of the SIKO actuators

Thanks to a variety of sizes and forms, the integration of the actuator, the sensor and the control technology in a compact housing, different interfaces and bus systems, professional mechanical engineering is supported effectively in the integration and commissioning of the systems. The hollow shaft is mounted by simply attaching and locking the drive shaft using a clamping ring (keyway is optional), also making flexible retrofitting of existing axes possible without the need for lengthy preparation for assembly and fastening with the corresponding couplings, adapters and covers.

SIKO positioning drives are at home in a variety of applications

Drives and actuators can be used in many production processes – both on individual machines or within whole production lines, for example in packaging technology, press technology, the wood, glass and printing industries, the plastics and textile industries as well as in tool construction and special machine construction.

Precise format changes are the strong point of our actuators

Product change with parameters that vary substantially is an everyday occurrence and requires numerous adjustment procedures. In such cases, the exact reproducibility of each adjustment is just as important as performing tasks at difficult-to-access or dangerous positions. ±The flexibility in terms of changing production goods grows in line with increasing product quality.

Enhanced machine efficiency owing to compact actuators

Integration of the DriveLine actuators is simple, and the accelerating effect as well as a lasting increase in machine efficiency and operational safety can be measured immediately. Predestined are manufacturing chains where small batch sizes, frequent format change or varying product sizes are daily business.

Benefit from the decentralized and modular automation with DriveLine and enhance your competitiveness decisively. A wide range of different versions and performance categories permit flexible scaling. Implement your "bespoke" solutions – from the basic module through to high-end applications.


  • Flexible machine conception, simple regulating behavior
  • Low installation and mounting effort
  • High availability and freedom from maintenance
  • Short cycle or changeover time high productivity and quality