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Electronic display MA50

Analog, length and angle measurement

Freely programmable 4-digit measurement display. The measurement information obtained from absolute sensors with analog signal output can be directly evaluated. The display features numerous individual setting options.

Profile MA50:

  • LED display (1 line of 4 digits)
  • Voltage, current and resistor inputs for length and angle measurement
  • Free programming via front keyboard
  • Non-volatile parameter storage (EEPROM)
  • 2 switching outputs (limit-dependent, programmable)
  • Compact design

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Mechanical data
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information


switchboard cutout 68+0.7 x 33+0.6 IEC 61554

Weight~0.1 kg
Electrical data
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Operating voltage10 … 30 V DC
Current consumption~80 mA

at 24 V DC, without encoder

Analog inputs1 … 10 V DC


0 … 20 mA or 4 … 20 mA


0 … 10 kΩ


Display/display range

4-digit, LED 7 segment, red

-9999 ... 9999

membrane keys with pressure point

Temperature drift<1 %
Switching outputs≤30 V, ≤100 mA

2x open collector output

Accuracy≤0.1 %
Type of connection



System data
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Resolution≤10 bit
Ambient conditions
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Ambient temperature0 … 50 °C
Storage temperature-20 … 80 °C
Relative humidity≤95 % condensation inadmissible
EMCEN 61000-6-2 interference resistance / immission
EN 61000-6-4

emitted interference / emission

Protection category

IP40 whole device

EN 60529

IP60 on the front with switchboard installation

EN 60529
Electronic display MA50
Pin assignment
Signal Resistance measurementSignal Voltage measurementSignal Current measurementPIN
nc nc I+ (0 … 20 mA, 4 … 20 mA) 1
Potentiometer E (end position) nc nc 2
Potentiometer S (wiper) nc nc 3
nc U+ (0 … 10 V) nc 4
nc nc I- (0 … 20 mA, 4 … 20 mA) 5
Potentiometer A (initial position) U- nc 6
Switching output O (upper limit) Switching output O (upper limit) Switching output O (upper limit) 7
Switching output U (lower limit) Switching output U (lower limit) Switching output U (lower limit) 8
+ Ub Operating voltage + Ub Operating voltage + Ub Operating voltage 9
0 V GND 0 V GND 0 V GND 10
Scope of delivery
  • MA50
Ordering table
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