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LinearLine: Wire-Actuated Encoders

Wire-actuated encoders for distance measurement

The first choice for many areas where linear measurement of longitudinal or height adjustment is the task - SIKO wire-actuated encoders

New technologies for challenging demands in linear measurement technology through SIKO wire-actuated encoders / string pots

Based on decades of experience, the compact SIKO wire-actuated encoders / string pots provide an easy-to-install and reliable option for linear position measurement. There is a wide range of options for industrial use, even in difficult environments.

Wire-actuated encoders permit easy installation and integration into machine layouts

With their sophisticated technology and operational safety, SIKO wire-actuated sensors present a convincing measurement solution that is very easy to integrate. They are suited to a large number of measurement tasks under very different conditions. The wire-actuated distance encoders are sturdily designed, and the wire types used mean that they have a particularly long life and are maintenance free.

SIKO’s wire-actuated sensors are reliable measured value encoders even under adverse conditions of use

The wire-actuated encoders / string pots are also designed for use in challenging conditions with temperatures of down to -40 °C. Use in wet and dirty conditions was also taken into account during development, with increased safety also provided by the option for redundant sensor systems in combination with the mechanics of the wire-actuated encoder.

SIKO’s wire-actuated sensors offer high flexibility regarding interfaces and signal outputs

Another decisive advantage of the wire-actuated encoders is the flexibility for connection to different control concepts. Because different rotary encoders can be connected to the mechanics of the wire-actuated encoder, different interfaces can be provided. In addition to analog signal outputs and incremental pulse signals, there is an option to provide different types of fieldbus connections using absolute rotary encoders.   

Common applications for wire-actuated encoders

Wire-actuated encoders are beneficial in use, as the wire can simply be fastened to the adjusting unit quickly and at low cost. They work reliably even without additional mechanical protection, e.g. on working platforms or forklifts. They work reliably even without additional mechanical protection; wire-actuated encoders assume complete control for positioning within the storage systems, e.g. on working platforms or driver-less transport systems.

Miniature wire-actuated encoders

The miniature wire-actuated encoders from SIKO are the answer to ever-increasing integration in industrial products and industrial processes. The range of possible uses for these miniature encoders is extensive. For example, the positioning of recliners (medical technology), the adjustment of seats  (automotive technology) or the swerve control of chassis systems (aircraft engineering) can be reliably monitored.

Wire-actuated encoders for medium to extensive measurement distances

The SGL range, a modular wire-actuated encoder system for measurement lengths up to 15m, offers solutions for stage construction, warehousing technology and crane technology.

Linear measurement with optical distance sensors

Our optical distance sensors feature the latest enhancement of the LinearLine product line. They enable exact positioning as well as reliable detection of different materials.