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SGH wire-actuated encoders with unique selling point for telescopic cylinders

SIKO has an absolutely unique selling point for equipping telescopic cylinders. SGH sensors are the only position sensors in the world that can be built into a telescopic cylinder. The sensors of the latest generation are suitable for larger measuring lengths of up to 2.5m (SGH25) and 5m (SGH50) and satisfy the highest demands, for example in the construction machinery sector. The wire-actuated encoders have an impressively robust design, so that the flexible, fully-integrated SGH technology can demonstrate its full strength in the telescopic cylinders.



Position sensors for telescopic cylinders with maximum compactness in measuring ranges up to 5 m

While the SGH10 covers the lower measuring ranges (from zero up to one metre) of comparatively small telescopic cylinders, for example for adjusting the blade of snow ploughs, the latest generation of the SGH series now extends to higher measuring ranges. The SGH25 and the SGH50 cover measuring ranges of zero to 2.5 or from zero to five metres that are required, for example, for dumper trucks. Such applications are mainly based on telescopic cylinders. Great emphasis was placed on a robust design so that the SIKO position sensors of the SGH range can withstand these extreme conditions. For example, the plastic developed especially for the sensors was designed with the best resistance to all conventional hydraulic media.

Both the SGH25 and the SGH50 were equipped with a longer wire to handle long measuring ranges. For this reason a large drum was required that accommodates, unwinds and rewinds the wire. The consequence would have been a greater constructional height. However, to do justice to the demands for maximum compactness in the latest generation of the SGH sensors to enable the minimum extension of the installation length, the drums on the SGH25 and SGH50 were rotated by 90 degrees and are now installed horizontally. As a result of this intelligent design step, the installation size of the SGH25 and the SGH50 is not greater in comparison to the SGH10 in spite of the larger drum. It was therefore possible to keep the same installation length and compactness was not negatively affected.

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