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Automated format adjustment

Compact actuators replace the manual format adjustment with simple mechanical adaptation with an integrated hollow shaft instead of a handwheel or a crank.

With the highly integrated design, the actuator does not require any further external components. Brush-free DC motor, low-play, powerful gear unit as well as position encoder, power and control electronics are all integrated into one device. As a result, the actuator can be connected directly to the control.

Various standard interfaces permit fast and reliable integration into the respective machine control unit. If several positioning drives are required within one machine, they can be very easily looped through to the control via the bus system. The control signals the set values to the respective drives according to the internally programmed recipe, and the format is adjusted on the respective machine axes at the same time.

The control of the fully-automatic positioning system with regard to the target value, speed etc. is carried out within the drive, and for this reason permanent monitoring of the process by the higher-level control system is no longer necessary. In addition to the process data, all parameters can be described and read by the control system, and diagnosis data can be used for analysis purposes in the event of a fault. Unforeseen movements in a de-energized condition are also detected by the drive, and for this reason no reference runs are necessary when the system is started.

The product range of the SIKO actuators includes different sizes and power classes, depending on the respective application. Comprehensive software tools support fast integration of the drive into the control concept of the respective application.

Fieldbus actuators

With connection of the drives to different field bus systems, several devices can communicate data through one communication interface.  The range of available interfaces extends from a simple, inexpensive RS485 protocol to the SICONETZ5 and all the way to Profibus and CANbus bus systems, which have proven their worth for years. In addition, standard technologies from the industrial Ethernet sector are available with Profinet, Ethernet-IP, Powerlink and Ethercat.

Choice of products

Stand-alone actuators (analog and incremental)

p>Compact actuators are also available for individual applications, and their position encoders can be read out directly. The position and speed of the integrated motor can therefore be controlled with the external control. The position encoder supplies incremental encoder signals as well as analog current or voltage outputs. The motor is controlled through digital or analog inputs or moved directly by the motor control of the external control unit.

Choice of products

Application video

3 solutions, 1 vendor for your efficient format adjustment

1. Manual format adjustment
Digital position indicators for inexpensive and reliable positioning

2. Monitored format adjustment
Bus-compatible position indicators with set/actual value comparison and status display for guided manual adjustment

3. Automated format adjustment
Field bus compact actuators for process-optimized, exact and fully-automatic positioning


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