Country: USA
Languages: Englisch

Headquarters: SIKO GmbH Weihermattenweg 2 79256 Buchenbach Germany Phone+49 7661 394-0

Subsidiary: SIKO Products Inc. 2155 Bishop Circle E Dexter, MI 48130 USA Phone+1 (734) 426-3476

Milestones of the company

2020 Another SIKO plant in Bad Krozingen starts operation
2020 SIKO GmbH was distinguished with the award for Top Employer 2020.
2019 Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new SIKO building in Bad Krozingen, Germany
2017 SIKO GmbH was distinguished with the award for Top Employer 2017.
2015 At SPS IPC Drives 2015, SIKO GmbH first presented SGH technology to the world public as position sensor technology for hydraulic and telescopic cylinders and immediately won the I-Novo Award in the TECH category.
2014 Sven Wischnewski was appointed as the second General Manager of SIKO GmbH on 1 August 2014. He will be working alongside the company's current General Manager Horst Wandres.
2013 50th company anniversary
2012 The subsidiary SIKO Products Asia Pte Ltd is founded in Singapore.
2005 The subsidiary SIKO Trading Shanghai is founded in China.
2003 The subsidiary SIKO Mess- und Positioniersysteme GmbH is founded in Switzerland.
2001 The subsidiary SIKO Italia is founded in Milan.
2001 The new product line DriveLine heralds the era of automation. Automated axis adjustment solutions are introduced to the market.
2000 Introduction of a quality management system and first DIN EN ISO 9001 certification.
1999 The trade name MagLine is introduced for the magnetic linear measuring system.
1996 The first absolutely measuring magnetic tape system is developed.
1993 Start of SIKO's own magnetic band production.
1992 The magnetic measuring principle is used for linear measuring systems and introduced on the market.
1992 Cable encoders with varying cable lengths and a flexible selection of encoders are introduced.
1990 Dipl. Wirt.-Ing. Horst Wandres, the youngest son of the company founder, joins the firms and takes over its management. The concept of linear measuring systems is introduced to complement the rotary measuring principle.
1982 The first optoelectronic hollow shaft encoder is launched on the market. In the years that follow, a whole range of different electronic transmitters and measuring displays are introduced.
1980 The subsidiary SIKO Products is founded in the USA.
1978 The introduction of geared potentiometers marks the beginning of the electronic era for distance and angle measuring technology.
1976 Digital position indicators are launched on the market and meet with huge success. An absolute innovation at that time: the position value can be read digitally on the machine spindle and accuracy is guaranteed to the nearest tenth of a millimeter.
1963 Founded by Dr.-Ing. Günther Wandres - Development of handwheels and position indicators


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