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Absolute encoder AV58M

Metal housing with solid shaft

The AV58M rotary encoder with teach-in function is a magnetic absolute value encoder with analog output. The user himself can set the rotary encoder's desired measurement range via two buttons on the rear as well as two external inputs. The device features a batteryless multi-turn technology.

Profile AV58M:

  • Absolute analog encoder
  • 12 Bit (4096) resoluttion over the measuring range
  • Operating tmperature until -40 °C

  • Voltage (0 … 10 V)/ current (4 … 20 mA) outputs

  • Programmable measuring range via teach-in function with key funkcion or external inputs

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Mechanical data
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Shaftstainless steel

nickel-plated steel

Speed≤12000 rpm
Moment of inertia≤20 gcm2
Starting torque≤2 Ncm

at 25 °C

Shaft load ratingaxial 20 N
radial 80 N
Weight~0.15 kg
Electrical data
Transducer, power output
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Operating voltage15 … 30 V DC 4 ... 20 mA
Current consumption


50 mA

without load

Linearity0.15 %
LoadRL <500 Ω at UB ≥15 V DC 4 ... 20 mA
Starting time<1 s
Settling time80 ms
Type of connection1x M12 plug connector (A-coded) 5-pole, 1x pin
Transducer, voltage output
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Operating voltage12 … 30 V DC 0 ... 10 V
Current consumptiontypically 50 mA without load
Linearity0.15 %
LoadRL >10 kΩ at UB ≥12 V DC 0 ... 10 V
Starting time<1 s
Settling time80 ms
Type of connection

 1x M12-plug connector (A-coded)

5-pole, 1x pin

System data
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information

bit (output)

over the programmed measuring range

Measuring range≥22.5°
65536 revolution(s)
16 revolution(s)

factory setting

Ambient conditions
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Ambient temperature-40 … 85 °C
Storage temperature-40 … 85 °C
Relative humidity98 % condensation inadmissible
EMCEN 61000-6-2 interference resistance / immission
EN 61000-6-4

emitted interference / emission

Protection categoryIP65 EN 60529
Shock resistance≤1000 m/s2, 6 ms EN 60068-2-27
Vibration resistance≤100 m/s2, 10 Hz … 1 kHz EN 60068-2-6
Absolute encoder AV58M
Pin assignment
Iout/Uout 1
+UB 2
Limit 1 4
Limit 2 5
Scope of delivery
  • AV58M
Ordering table
Feature Order data Specifications Additional information
4 … 20 mA
0 … 10 V
Ordering key
additional accessoriesOrdering key
Mating connector,

5-pole, socket

Mating connector, 5-pole, angle socket83006

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