Headquarters: SIKO GmbH Weihermattenweg 2 79256 Buchenbach Germany Phone+49 7661 394-0

PositionLine: Position Indicators

Displays and components for positioning (format adjustment) of spindles and axles

Mechanical and electronic position indicators, handwheels and adjusting knobs designed for precise representation of position values directly on the spindle as well as clamping plates for locking.

RotoLine: Rotary encoders

Overview: SIKO rotary encoders

Incremental and absolute rotary encoders, geared potentiometers as well as electronic displays for precise determination of angles, distances and speeds.

LinearLine: Wire-Actuated Encoders

Wire-actuated encoders for distance measurement

The first choice for many areas where linear measurement of longitudinal or height adjustment is the task - SIKO wire-actuated encoders

DriveLine: Actuators

SIKO spindle drives for automated positioning

Compact actuators for process-optimized precise and automated positioning of formats, end stops, tools, or valves.

MagLine: magnetic linear and angular measurement

Since decades, the robust magnetic measuring technology (MagLine) has been field-tested in the areas of distance measurement, angle measurement, and speed measurement

SIKO MagLine - magnetic sensors, magnetic tapes and magnetic rings designed for contactless capturing of linear and angular positions.

Business unit: Machine upgrade / Retrofit

Higher performance through retrofitting - products and service

State-of-the art technological components for modernizing or upgrading plants and machines. Our service offers optimum design as well as turnkey integration for controls, sensors, position indicators, and positioning drives.