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Position Sensors for Hydraulic Cylinders

The SIKO position sensors of the SGH range profit from more than 30 years of development experience in wire-actuated encoder technology The intelligent design and functional concept provides sensor system solutions with measuring ranges of zero to five meters that are integrated into smart hydraulic cylinders, telescopic cylinders and piston accumulators of mobile machines and commercial vehicles and unlock new value creation potential for cylinder manufacturers and OEMs.

Wire-actuated encoders for hydraulic cylinders, telescopic cylinders and piston accumulators

SGH technology transforms hydraulic cylinders and telescopic cylinders as well as piston accumulators used for lifting in commercial vehicles (construction machines, agricultural machines, municipal machines, forestry machines, airfield vehicles), into "smart cylinders“. The intelligent functional principle, the innovative, wire-based design and functional concept as well as the complete integration of mechanical and electronic components in the cylinder reduce the need for variants  and optimize the production process, maintenance and costs.  This makes the wire-actuated encoders of the SGH series an attractive system for measuring the position of hydraulic cylinders, telescopic cylinders and piston accumulators in mobile machines and generates additional value creation potential at cylinder manufacturers and OEMs. With the wire-actuated encoders of the SGH series, SIKO is currently the only measurement technology specialist with a globally exclusive technology for stroke measurement. Wire-actuated encoder-based sensors can be fully integrated into the cylinder. The SGH sensors developed by SIKO based on this innovative design and functional concept provide additional advantages that comparable products do not have.

Lateral mounting - intelligent special solutions for extreme demands

This product feature of the SGH wire-actuated encoders in cylinders is also suitable for applications in which any extension to the installation length of the cylinder is absolutely unwanted. Forklift trucks must, for example, comply with height specifications. ForThe employed hydraulic cylinders must be as compact as possible, but also have the longest possible stroke. For such extreme applications SIKO has developed a unique special solution that is also suitable for hydraulic cylinders. In these the sensor system is accommodated in a separate housing mounted at a 90 degrees angle to the cylinder. This construction is possible with a deflection roller that guides the wire over a protected bar to the piston head. The sensors and mechanical components are fully integrated and not exposed to any external influences, so that this special solution also meets the requirements of protection class IP69K, is very space-saving and complies with the extreme restricted height specifications. Smart solutions such as the 90 degree offset drums of the SGH25 and SGH50, or the 90 degree rotated sensor housing offer designers of hydraulic cylinders and telescopic cylinders completely new options in the development of assistance systems and additional functions in mobile machines that are fully geared to the future.

Advantages of the SGH technology at a glance:

  • Full integration of the sensor into the hydraulic cylinder

  • No hollow drilling of the piston required

  • Innovative, wire-based functional concept

  • Protection class IP69K guarantees protection against environmental influences

  • Maximum resistance to shock and vibration

  • Special applications: Telescopic cylinders and piston accumulators

  • Reduction of the number of different types for OEMs and cylinder manufacturers with variable sensor measuring length due to the innovative teach-in function

SGH wire-actuated encoders are used for mobile machines and utility vehicles as well as for industrial hydraulics and hydraulic steelwork.


Applications of the SGH wire-actuated encoders:


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