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Electronic display MA55

Incremental, length and angle measurement

Freely programmable 5-digit measurement display for the evaluation of incremental measurement information obtained from length and angle sensors.

Profile MA55:

  • LED display (1 line of 5 digits)
  • Input for incremental encoder recognition of the counting direction for length and angle measurement
  • Free programming via front keyboard
  • Non-volatile parameter storage (EEPROM)
  • With reference connection
  • Integrated quadruple evaluation of counting pulses
  • Compact design

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Mechanical data
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information

plastic, with clamping straps

switchboard cutout 68+0.7 x 33+0.6 IEC 61554

Weight~0.1 kg
Electrical data
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Operating voltage24 V DC ±20 %
Current consumption~60 mA

at 24 V DC, without encoder

Encoder supply24 V DC (200 mA)
Encoder input frequency≤25 kHz
Encoder input

square-wave signals 90° phase-shifted, PP (push-pull), OE (open emitter)

with reference signal

Pulse analysis


Display/display range

5-digit, LED 7-segment, ∼10 mm height, red

-99999 ... 99999

membrane keys with pressure point

Type of connection



Ambient conditions
FeatureTechnical dataAdditional information
Ambient temperature0 … 50 °C
Storage temperature-20 … 80 °C
Relative humidity≤95 % condensation inadmissible
EMCEN 61000-6-2 interference resistance / immission
EN 61000-6-4

emitted interference / emission

Protection category

IP40 whole device

EN 60529

IP 60 on the front with switchboard installation 

EN 60529
Electronic display MA55
Pin assignment
+ Ub Encoder supply 1
A 2
B 3
I (I/O-Signal) 4
GND, Shield encoder supply 5
PE 8
0 V GND 9
+24 V Operating voltage 10
Scope of delivery
  • MA55
Ordering table
Ordering key

MA55 - S

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