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22. April 2015

Wire-actuated encoder SG42

robust design and redundant sensor system with 4000 mm measuring length

Reliable detection by redundant wire sensors in safety systems
Not only in Europe is the term 'functional safety' on everyone's lips since the introduction of the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Also on a global basis, there is a new focus on increased safety through special requirements in the field of mobile machinery.

In addition to global efforts on the part of manufacturers, associations, organizations, and ultimately the machine users themselves, the new version of European Standard EN 13000 focuses on new and enhanced security requirements. For example, for all-terrain cranes, hydraulic lifts, mobile elevating work platforms, and vehicle-mounted cranes. But also in other areas such as in the construction and agricultural equipment markets, the requirement for intelligent safety systems has increased.

The SIKO Company has recently developed hand-in-hand with its customers new wire cable sensors that, in combination with safe control systems, allow the overall system to be certified in pursuant to SIL2 PLd. With MTBF values of >100 years, these sensors are ideal for use in certified complete systems.

Redundant length measuring systems for optimal safety
The SIKO wire-actuated encoders SG32, SG42 and SG62 provide this enhanced security by a specialized and fully redundant sensor system, which is used to exactly determine the position. Two completely separate sensor systems detect the exact position and display them separately as analog signals. With measuring lengths between 3 m and 6 m, these sensors are ideally suited for accurate position determination of outriggers on cranes and working platforms as well as for determining the position of booms.

Furthermore, the durable structure of the sensors is even more impressive, especially for mobile applications. Thus the spring assembly is protected against the ingress of dirt and water and always works perfectly even at temperatures below the freezing point.
Wire-actuated encoder with redundant acquisition of linear measurement distances with a max. measuring length of 4000 mm.

Profile SG42:

  • Robust design
  • Measuring lengths up to 4000 mm
  • Analogue signal output in redundant design (2x 4…20 mA or potentiometer)
  • Variable mounting options
  • Lockable vent and water drain holes
  • Very robust measuring rope (stainless steel)
  • IP65 protection category
  • M12 plug connection
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Wire-actuated encoder SG42

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