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Translation modules

Translation modules for passive magnetic sensors

A translation module converts the signals measured by a passive magnetic sensor into digital counting pulses or serial absolute values. The device offers easy operation and changing of parameters.

Product typeResolutionProduct group, Accuracy classSupply, InterfaceSensor
1 µm SSI
0,2 µm LD
MagLine Micro,
±25 µm
24 V DC, SSI, RS485, LD, 1 Vss integrated
5 µm SSI
1 µm LD
MagLine Basic,
±25 µm
24 V DC, SSI, RS485, LD, 1 Vss integrated
0.005 mm MagLine Basic,
±25 µm
5 V DC, 24 V DC, LD, PP, ABI MS500
see MA503WL MagLine Basic,
see MA503WL
24 V DC, RS232, RS485 MA503WL

How the electronic evaluation unit works

A passive magnetic sensor of the MagLine range combined with an electronic SIKO evaluation unit acts as an active sensor and forwards its information to a higher-level control unit. With the aid of the electronic evaluation feature, specific parameters can be adjusted in advance to suit the specific application. For example, the required resolution can be easily set with the DIP switches integrated into the evaluation electronics. When selecting an active magnetic sensor without evaluation electronics, the resolution must be selected in advance and a corresponding sensor employed.
Depending on the space available, the size of the respective sensor heads is often a decisive criterion. Passive magnetic sensors have smaller sensor heads, as they only scan the magnet signal and therefore require fewer internal electronics. The active magnetic sensors contain considerably more electronics to convert the measured values into digital counting impulses, analog sine-cosine signals or serial absolute values. For this reason the combination „passive magnetic sensor/evaluation electronics“ can be the preferred option if space for magnetic linear measurement is limited.

Criteria for the selection of evaluation electronics

Note: Evaluation electronics are part of the MagLine product range.