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20. November 2017

Magnetic sensor MSAC506

Absolute-rotative, SSI interface, resolution max. 16 bits

MSAC506 bearingless motor feedback encoder: absolute, dynamic, wear-free
Industrial robots, cutting heads, drive units for elevators and round and rotary swivel tables: torque motors are becoming more popular everywhere. They impress with significantly higher acceleration and speed values than conventional motor-gear combinations. However, torque motors make higher demands of the sensors that monitor speed and position. Truly absolute, dynamic, robust, wear-free and adjustable – these are the characteristics that the sensor system must have.
Truly absolute and dynamic
The new MSAC506 sensor from SIKO works with an SSI interface for position detection of the motor and an additional analog 1Vss interface for control. Both interfaces are integrated into the sensor as standard and work in parallel. Absolute position information is provided with this combination at all times and exact commutation is possible even in dynamic operation. In particular, the drive can be started easily from any position with the aid of the absolute SSI data. By contrast, a system that “only” uses incremental sensors would tend to start jerkily or suddenly, or “stumble”. At a maximum rotational speed of 6,000 rpm, the sensor evaluates data up to a circumferential speed of 32 m/s.
Robust and wear-free
The sensor and ring can be used without problem in a working temperature range of -20…+85°C, making the measurement solution suitable for outdoor use, too.
Like all of the magnetic sensors manufactured by SIKO, the combination of the MSA506C magnetic sensor and the MRAC506 magnetic ring is resistant to dust, chips, oils, grease, and moisture.
Adaptable to small diameters
The new MSAC506 magnetic sensor provides truly absolute scanning of even small radii down to approx. 50mm. This is made possible by a curved bottom to the housing which is adapted to the scale of the MRAC506. This solution also offers the customer the advantage that a reading distance of up to 1.0 mm is achievable.
A combination of the MSAC506 magnetic sensor and the MRAC506 magnetic ring forms a system for absolute angle measurement. The MSAC506 sensor has an SSI interface with a resolution of 12 … 16 bit. There is also an analogue output (1 VSS) with 64 periods for dynamic position tracking. The sensor has an LED for distance monitoring.

Profile MSAC506:

  • Magnetic absolute encoder single-turn
  • Compact design
  • Resolution 12 … 16 bits
  • Additional analog Sin/Cos 1 VSS signals
  • Reading distance ≤1 mm

  • Works with MRAS506 magnetic ring
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Magnetic sensor MSAC506

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