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Electronic display MA523/1

Compact triple-axis display with rotary speed function

The complete set KIT_MA523/1 comprises the new MA523/1 triple axis display with holder and power pack as well as the corresponding magnetic sensors and magnetic band.
The KIT_MA523/1 commends itself with all applications where three axes are to measured incrementally. It allows easy retrofitting of existing equipment particularly where lathes or milling machines are concerned. All components can be mounted easily.
With its new illuminated LCD graphics display, the MA523/1 electronic display offers optimum readability under all conditions. The display parameters can be individually programmed via the control keys and the dial. For distance measurement tasks there are 3 incremental inputs for the established magnetic sensors MS100/1 or MS500. Sensor selection depends on the degree of accuracy required.
Additionally, a PNP input is available for speed measurement.
Installation is child's play:
The display can be directly attached to the machine body by means of the supplied holder with magnet foot, with no extra mounting effort. Voltage is supplied via the power pack, which is included in the delivery.
The magnetic sensors are easily fastened by means of screws. The magnetic band is simply stuck on.

Profile MA523/1:

  • 4-row, 7 digits and backlit LCD
  • Up to three incremental measuring systems
  • Parameter setting with 4 keys and dial

  • Each axis is individually programmable
  • Connection for pluggable magnetic sensors MS100/1 or MS500
  • System accuracy up to 10 μm
  • Resolution 1 μm with MS100/1
  • Speed input measurement as an option

  • Two accuracy classes: 0.01 mm with magnetic sensor MS100 / 1 or 0.05 mm with magnetic sensor MS500
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Electronic display MA523/1

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