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01. July 2014

Optical Sensor LSC20

incremental, digital interface, resolution 0.05 µm

Small with high precision!
The new, high-precision length and angle measurement system LSC20 (Linear Scale Compact 20) works on an innovative basis of optical scanning of fine structures on a thin metal strip (TS20). The system achieves an accuracy of 5 µm and is 100% hysteresis-free.
The LCS20 provides a practical measurement solution for applications in which magnet-based path measurement systems reach their accuracy limits.  The LSC20 also shows its strengths in ambient conditions with strong magnetic interference fields.
Ideal applications are therefore pick-and-place as well as wire bonding machines and linear motors with strong magnetic interference fields or general semi-conductor production. The LSC20 is also ideal for use in more specialised applications such as precise high-end printers or in analysis and medical equipment.
Another advantage is that the system is insensitive in a vacuum (10-8 torr). It is therefore predestined for this special application.
The innovative scanning process is laser-based.  It is different to the conventional optical reflective scanning methods, as two to three times greater reading distances are possible.  This permits much simpler and quicker assembly operations.
The measuring lengths of the system range from 40 mm up to 30 metres.  As with magnetic measuring systems, referencing with reference points (single or periodical) is possible with the LSC20 sensor with TS20 (encoded band). A special feature - the customer can independently position the reference points at the required location during site assembly.  It is therefore very flexible right up to just before assembly.  A detailed definition of the reference points before ordering including warehousing of various bands if different measuring lengths are used is therefore no longer necessary.  The addition of end markers and the optional end position switch on the sensor simplify recognition of the end position.  Additional cabling is not necessary.
Another advantage of the system is the small sensor head that contains the entire electronic system including signal evaluation and conditioning.  The power consumption is very low at 140mA. The measured data are output via an LD interface (RS422) or as 1 Vss (with a periodic length of 20µm), so that direct, highly dynamic control in real time is possible.
With the large band/sensor distance of 1.0 mm, sensor installation is child's play.  The integrated diagnosis LED shows the different installation and status conditions directly above the different coloured flashing signals.
A separate assembly aid is available for longer measurement lengths.  A diagnosis tool with integrated software for fine diagnosis during commissioning is also available.
With regard to the operating temperature, the system is very robust with a range of 0…+70°C.
The LSC20 combines both the high system and repeat accuracy of optical systems with a somewhat higher robustness towards dirt and dust as well as a high temperature resistance.

Profile LSC20:

  • Very compact design

  • Integrated diagnosis LED for simple assembly
  • High band/sensor distance
  • Scale length up to 30000 mm
  • Reference points can be positioned flexibly
  • Optional end marks (metal strip) and a limit switch integraded in the sensor - no additional wiring required
  • Use in 10-8 torr vacuum (on request)

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Optical Sensor LSC20

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