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20. November 2017

Magnetic sensor LEC100

Incremental, digital or analog interface, very small design

Magnetic motor feedback systems are proving themselves in numerous applications in linear drive technology, handling systems, circuit board assembly, robotics and in a wide range of automation solutions in the context of Industry 4.0. In all of these areas, the speed and/or position of a drive must be communicated to a main controller in real time. The ultra compact LEC100 and LEC200 sensor duo has been developed by SIKO for these requirements.
A sensor system with high resolution and repetitive accuracy is extremely important for communicating position and speed data. The aim is to ensure that the motors run as smoothly as possible. Moreover, the space for sensors is extremely limited in many applications and they therefore have to be designed to be as small as possible. The trend towards miniaturization in the sensor sector is particularly noticeable at the moment.
Ultra compact
The sensor head of the LEC range is very small and compact at 40 x 10 x 10 mm. The height of the sensors has been reduced by more than half in comparison to previous models. The LEC sensor is now about as flat as a smartphone, but all of the electronics are accommodated in the sensor housing. The sensors also impress with their thin, cable track-compatible high-flex cable with an external diameter of max. 4.3 mm.
Despite the small design, two LEDs are integrated for visual function and status monitoring and a reference option.
Analog or digital
The LEC sensors come with an analog interface (1Vss) or a digital interface (LD), as required. The user can also choose between accuracy classes +/- 8 µm (LEC100) and +/- 15 µm (LEC200). The repetitive accuracy is max. 1 µm (LEC100) or 2 µm (LEC200), the max. resolution 0.1 µm (LEC100) or 0.2 µm (LEC200).
Path information and reference point via magnetic band
The LEC100 sensors for reading out 1 mm systems are combined with the MB100/1 magnetic tape, while the LEC200 sensors (2 mm systems) work with the MB200/1 magnetic tape. Both sensors are equipped internally with an additional sensor chip for reading a reference point on the tape side. Precise and reliable location of home position is therefore always possible. With the LEC200 variant, the reference point can be set on the scale by the customer. (Flex ref. process).
Use in extreme conditions
With a protection rating of IP60 and a wide operating temperature range of -40 … 85°C (-40 … 185°F), the LEC100 and LEC200 sensors are extremely robust and resilient.

Profile LEC100:

  • Repeat accuracy max. ±1 μm
  • Max. resolution 0.1 µm (LD output circuit)
  • Reading distance 0.1 … 0.4 mm
  • Works with MB100/1 magnetic tape

  • Signal period 1000 μm
  • Output circuit sin/cos or LD
  • Function and status display LEDs

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Magnetic sensor LEC100

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