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Electronic control knob DKE01

Freely programmable

In 1963, SIKO GmbH invented a mechanical position indicator integrated in a handwheel – a product the field of mechanical engineering could hardly do without today. As inexpensive and easy-to-use gauges, SIKO handwheels with integrated position displays reliably perform a variety of tasks ranging from roll positioning, aligning limit stops and tools, to manual metering settings.
The new DKE01 control knob with LCD display combines the experience of nearly 50 years of positioning technology with the state-of-the art functionality of an electronic display. Because the display values are user-definable, it is possible to handle the most diverse of challenges using a single basic device. The managing of multiple types of devices, and therefore also keeping the parts required for them on-hand has become a thing of the past. Extra features such as allowance for offset values and a reset button for calibration expand the range of uses.
Thanks to a particularly energy-efficient measuring technique, the electronic DKE01 adjustment knob has a battery life of eight years. The power is supplied using a conventional coin battery, which can be easily replaced by the device user at the end of its service life. Last but not least, the DKE01 sports an impressive contemporary design, thus giving each machine that certain something.
Reach for the stars! The innovative adjusting knob DKE01 combines a programmable electronic position indicator with a star grip or disk handwheel to offer a flexibly usable positioning unit. The indicated values can be configured application-specifically to cover the most varied areas of use with always the same basic device.

Profile DKE01:

  • Turning knob with integrated 5-digit LCD display

  • Digit height approx. 11,5 mm
  • Freely programmable via the ProToolDE programming software
  • Usable for length or angle measurement
  • Shaft accommodation: max. Ø 20 mm
  • Long battery life
  • With disk handwheel as an option
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Electronic control knob DKE01

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